Vape Pen

Vape Pen and Oil Vape Pens with refillable cartridges designed for thick oil, distillate concentrates and liquid extracts thicker than most vape juice.  We also carry more advanced mod kits to vaporize oil including e-liquid vapes that use cCell coils compatible with vape oil, viscous distillate extracts, thicker vape juice and other aromatherapy concentrate vaping oils.

The Basics about Vaporizer Pens.

While the vaporizer pens differ in prices and styles, all of them come with some basic things. Those basic things are:

  • Rechargeable battery
  • Atomizer
  • USB Charger

Even though they all have a rechargeable battery, the mAh amounts are different. For example, some of them have a 650mAh while others have an ADJUSTABLE 650mAh or an 1100mAh. Another thing that is different is that some of the vaporizer pens are for normal vaping while others are used for dry herb leaf or wax dabs. The ones that are used for the dry herb leaf or wax dabs have a few more components than the ones used for normal vaping. Some of those additional components are:

  • Mesh filter
  • Cleaning brush tool
  • Spring
  • Packing tool

One great thing about the pens is that they are all activated with a push button. This is helpful because it can minimize the chances of accidentally pushing the button and turning the pen on. This, in turn, saves the battery. Another thing to point out is the safety-chip the pens have that stops the chances of overcharging Vape Pen

It also has an auto shutoff feature and a battery luck and unlock feature. One thing to watch is if you are looking for a vaporizer pen to do normal vaping then make sure you find one that ISN’T used for dry herb leaves or wax dabs because if it is, you aren’t going to be able to use e-liquids. If you do use e-liquids you could end up ruining your entire vape.

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